Porterfield Brake Pads

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Can't find your car? Don't worry! Porterfield R4-S low dust, high performance brake pads are available for NEARLY EVERY VEHICLE MADE through MyRoadster.Net! Simply call us toll-free at 1-888-563-7227 for vehicles not listed here.

Porterfield R4-S Carbon/Kevlar Street Brake pads offer these advantages:

  • 90% Less Dust than OEM
  • Light Pedal Effort
  • Rotor Friendly
  • High Friction, Hot or Cold
  • Low Wear Rate
  • Fastest Stopping Road Pad Available!
  • Friction Coefficient:
    OEM: Between .2 and .3
    Porterfield: .4
  • Temperature Tolearance:
    OEM: 500-700 degrees F
    Porterfield: 1,100 degrees F
Porterfield manufactures three different kinds of brake pads:
  • R-4 for track use only
  • R-4S for street and light competition
  • R-E for endurance racing events

The Porterfield Search Engine only lists R-4S street pads.  Please call for prices and availabilty for R-4, R-E and brake shoes for drum brakes. Brake pads and shoes available for most classic cars too. Call toll-free (888) 563-7227 for availability and pricing.

Money Back Guarantee: If not satisfied, return undamaged merchandise to MyRoadster.net for a prompt refund of your purchase.